Finding the course for you.

We want you to find the right course for your lifestyle and personality, here’s how:

1. Cover all bases

Much like you’d do if you were shopping, it pays to check out several of our Open Days or Information Sessions so you can find the course that’s best suited for you. Feel free to book yourself in for a treatment at our student spa – we’d welcome it – so you can see for yourself how our therapists work and how good our treatments feel.

2. Question time

There’s nothing you can ask us that we haven’t already been asked, so don’t be shy. We welcome questions in any form, so think about what you’d like to know beforehand and we will be happy to address the answers for you.

3. Talk to our trainers

Our trainers are on hand to answer burning queries you’d like answered. They know the ins and outs of what it’s like to study at endota Wellness College, so they’ll be able to address any of your questions or concerns – it is what they are passionate about.

4. Our commitment to you

It’s in our core values to offer you balance, and we aim to be as flexible and accommodating as possible when it comes to your learning. Let us know what you need and what works for you, and we’ll work hard to make it work.

5. Take time to reflect

Take away as much as you can from our Open Days, and reflect on what you’ve learnt about endota Wellness College. Do our values line up with your own? We want to ensure you choose the form of study that is perfectly suited to you.

36 thoughts on “Finding the course for you.”

  1. Hi.. do you have a college in Syd? How can I register to be a model for discounted services whilst the students are learning ?

    1. Hi Erika,
      We have a campus at Rozelle in Sydney – you can enquire about being a model by joining our Facebook group: Models for Endota Wellness College Rozelle Campus


      1. Hi there
        Which locations in Melbourne?
        I’m in the south east (Chadstone area)
        Details please? Also cost, are there concession prices?

        1. Hi Chryssie,
          We’ll send you an email with more information.

          We are located in Docklands Melbourne, at The District Shopping Centre. There are differing costs depending on the course you wish to study & the type of funding you are eligible for.


          1. Hi There,
            Our closest campus to Mildura would be our Docklands Campus. Although we have a Distance Education course which is a great option for regional students; you can find out more by chatting with our team via:


          2. Hi there. I am currently studying my beauty diploma with another company but do not feel I am getting what I paid for/learning enough to feel comfortable in the industry. Am I able to transfer to your school or do you have any post diploma short courses?

        2. Hello.
          I live In Melbourne. I’d like to recieve all relevant information you have for all courses please.
          Cost, dates, pre requirements etc, and application process.

          1. Hi April,
            Great to hear that you’re interested in studying with us!
            Our student liaison team will be in touch to chat further.


      2. Hi
        Where are your Courses and when in Melbourne, preferably close to Geelong
        Also prices and syllabus please XO

        1. Hi There,
          Our Melbourne courses are based at our Docklands Campus, just a short tram ride from Southern Cross Station. Tuition fees vary for each course, and funding is depending on individual eligibility.
          Tuition Fees for our VIC courses are as per below, as of January 2020:
          Beauty Therapy: $21,000
          Remedial Massage: $19,000
          Salon Management: $6000

          You can find more information on these topics by contacting our student liaison team on 1800 363 682 or


    2. Im a 44 year old looking for a change of career and lifestyle i love what you embrace as a whole and would love to come along and learn as much as i can about a industry that continues to grow with new and exciting treatments

      1. Hi Natasha,
        It’s wonderful to hear that you’re looking for a lifestyle and career change, we’d love to be part of your journey. Make sure you RSVP to our next Open Day on Jan 18th and come in and see our campus.


      2. Hi
        Do you have training facilities in Adelaide. If not what qualifications are required to become an employee in South Australia 🙂
        Thank you!

        1. Hi There,
          We do not have any campuses in Adelaide unfortunately. The industry does prefer a Diploma qualified employee, however some do accept a certificate IV, keeping in mind it is dependent on the employer’s needs.


    3. Is there training near Foutain Gate or Narre Warren Sth??
      & prices Please??

      1. Hi There,
        Our team is reaching out to you via the mobile number you have supplied with more information.


    4. Sharon Atkinson

      I would like to know the location of your Queensland college please. I am a long term client of Endota and love the atmosphere and products.
      I look forward to your reply.
      Thank You

      1. Hi Sharon,
        Our student liaison team will get in touch with you about future plans to open a QLD college.


  2. Hi there,

    I’m located in Melbourne, would like to learn something new. I don’t know what you provide in the course and fees. Would like to know more about it. Do I need a qualification to do this course?

    Also are you deaf friendly? I will require to have a interpreter in the course, do you provide it?


    1. Hi There,
      We offer Diplomas in Beauty Therapy, Remedial Massage & Salon Management, with funding options available dependent on individual eligibility. You don’t need a qualification to undertake any of our courses, but some application criteria does apply.

      We can make adjustments based on hearing impairments – the best way to understand individual needs would be to contact our student liaison team via:


    2. Sharon macnaughtan

      Hi I live in Sydney and am interested in a career change , I would like to have a look at your open day , however not sure whether you would be doing them at this time . I was also wondering what your tuition fees are and do you have a payment plan ?

      1. Hi Brielle,
        Our info sessions & enrolment interviews are all conducted online via zoom for the time being. We encourage you to book in & chat with the team about tuition fees & payment plans via:


  3. Hi there,
    My name is Tina, I have been on a disability support pension for over 10 years now due to 2 back injuries suffered by 2 different car accidents, the first accident I was hit by a drunk driver when I was 31 and I was parked in the emergency lane on the Hume highway and the drunk driver was travelling at a speed of what the Police estimated to be around 140/160 klm/hr!! My boot of my brand new BMW was in my back seat and the back of my leather driver’s seat was snapped in half, I actually do not have any memory of the next 7 days whilst in the hospital! Which I think I am glad to not remember as I do know that I was in a great deal of pain. I ended up with a severe infection in my thigh and was informed that it was so bad that they actually wanted to amputate it, but I rufused and so they had to cut the infection out and I ended up with a whole in the side of my thigh the size of a 50 cent coin and was at minimum the depth of my thumb!! It took over a year of having it repacked with special gauze every second day (which was also very painful! Until it had finally closed and it had almost come back being flush with my thigh w/out the whole in my leg anymore, but I still have quite a significant scar! But at least my leg was saved! I put in a claim with the TAC, as l was a fully licensed driver and had full insurance and was completely not at fault for the accident, but the day before the time limit to file in court the solicitors l was using for an unknown reason just pulled out and so I ended up with no compensation! I have been informed by other solicitors that if I get my case file from the solicitors that pulled out on me that the new solicitor is prepared to sue them for not following through and that they should pay the compensation that I was due to receive from TAC! So I am hoping that I can still get access to my case file from the solicitor that pulled out on me and the new solicitor will be able to sue them for the compensation that I missed out on, which I was supposed to be paid out for the pain and suffering and for wages for life as l am now unable to work because of the back injury that I suffered in that accident. But I have been doing a lot of physical therapy in a rehabilitation hospital and have been having ketamine infusions which has greatly helped the pain in my back to the point that I believe I could work again, and that’s why I am contacting you, I have done many different professions in my life, from working in pharmacies and I have also been a security guard, I have also done event management and also worked a lot on databases and am very computer literate! I have a good English language and am a very sociable person who can have a conversation with just about anyone! I find new friends all the time and am a very caring and giving person. I have been told that I have a great personality and great communication skills. I really love the beauty industry and would feel that it would be something very suitable for myself! I am in Melbourne and am very interested in finding out about the costs of your courses and also what government grants are available for the costs of the courses? Could you please inform me as to when you’re next courses begin and also if I am able to study from home? As I would feel much more comfortable studying from home so that way I can continue to go to the rehabilitation hospital for treatment on my back injury. Thank you kindly in advance and I am very excited to hopefully have a future career again and especially in a industry that I am very passionate about!!
    Kindest Regards
    Tina ✌🏼️😺🦋🌈⭐️🦄🙋🏼‍♀️💜

    1. Hi Tina,
      Thanks for reaching out to us – unfortunately do not offer complete study from home options, we do offer Distance Education which does require some study from home combined with 4 consecutive days of on campus attendance per month (Friday – Monday) for 18 months. There are Skills First Funding & VET Student Loans available, dependent on individual eligibility. If this is something you are interested in and are looking to find out more, we encourage you to book in some time with our student liaison team:


  4. Hi
    Would like to make an enquiry about OMT course that your school offers at Dockland campus, Melbourne. I have seen on their Facebook page saying that Oncology Massage Training is offering a short OMT courses for Beauty Therapists at Endota Wellness College. have just recently graduated from TAFE with a Diploma in Beauty Therapy and i would like to specialise in that atea. Please let me know when and how to go about it.

    1. Hi There,
      Our closest campus to Rowville VIC is in Docklands. Although we do have part-time (2 evenings per week for 18 months) & distance education (4 consecutive days per month for 18 months) available that may make commute times more manageable.


  5. Hi, are you still running the April session this year due to COVID-19? Also, at the Rozelle college in NSW what sessions are there to apply for this year? Can i start later in the year and if so when would I be able to apply?


    1. Hi There,
      We are still running our classes – they are all temporarily online for the health and safety of students and staff.

      You can sign up to our database to be notified of future NSW intakes via:


  6. Hello,

    I am interested in getting an information pack about the courses you offer, post COVID of course 🙂 I’m in Melbourne and interested in pursuing a career in wellness.

    Thank you

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