Restore Wellness with Remedial Massage.

Heal others with the power of touch.

endota Wellness College’s Remedial Massage Head Trainer, Tino D’Angelo, describes massage as the practice of finding balance. An important part of the treatment is its specific to a client’s problem, but it goes beyond the physical manifestation to find the cause. “We’re not just treating the pain, but the whole person” says Tino.

A good remedial massage therapist blends a knowledge of anatomy, with an almost magical ability to sense where the problem is with their healing hands. 

“We know stress can cause pain, which can then affect the whole body. Your hormones might feel out of whack, and that leads to other problems. When the body feels pain, it constricts blood vessels. Massage can increase the blood flow into the areas that need nutrients.”

Tino says the therapists he trains at endota Wellness College look forward to helping people find a renewed sense of balance in their mind and body, especially in this current time. “It’s more than physical, there’s an emotional aspect as well.”

Our sense of touch triggers the production of endorphins, the body’s feel good hormones. “That’s why you feel so uplifted after a really good massage – these neurotransmitters help relieve pain and also improve your mood.”

Students at endota Wellness College learn to develop their massage practice by assessing client needs and building relationships. While learning to create rehabilitation plans for injury and providing personalised massage treatments. Combining their knowledge with 200 hours of clinical work experience throughout their HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage course, allows them to become confident practitioners.

Students are guided by the endota values – intent, connect, truth & balance. “These are the magical ingredients behind the mood-boosting, tension-relieving power of a remedial massage” says Tino.

Discover where a journey in health & wellness can take you with Remedial Massage.


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