Why choose endota Wellness College

Beauty and wellness are among the fastest growing industries in the world. Timepoor, stressed-out lifestyles coupled with advancements in mind-body medicine have persuaded us to engage more fully in activities that promote wellness.


endota Wellness College is a Registered Training Organisation that offers nationally recognised and accredited training.

Our courses keep pace with fast-moving trends and advancements in both technique and technology. Our trainers and educators are connected industry leaders who want to work with passionate and empowered people willing to embrace change and experience an alternative and unconventional way to care for the people in their community.

Nourish your desire to keep learning while connecting with like-minded people. Master skills and strategies to use in both your personal and professional life. Learn how to limit stress, sleep well, promote glowing skin and foster better physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Gain the insight and practical expertise that is required to become a success in the beauty and wellness industries and acquire the confidence you need to follow your ambitions and make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality.


Our values

Our company values guide the way we work and highlight the responsibility we each have in bringing our values to life. Our overarching premise is that we are all connected – how we think and act is what we send out and what comes back to us.



We act with conviction and in line with our values – how we do it, is as important as what we do.



We work together to achieve our vision and goals.



We act with integrity and take responsibility for our actions. We support a ‘no blame’ culture, ownership of our mistakes and the opportunity to grow.



We value the wellbeing of our people and acknowledge that balance is subject to individual needs as we all have different priorities and different lives.


We nurture

When you join endota Wellness College you enter a community of like-minded people. You become part of a world that is collaborative, inclusive, creative, connected, productive and inspiring. We strive to do what we love and do it the best way possible. endota Wellness College doesn’t adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. We recognise that everyone is different and has individual learning needs. We work with each student to make sure your learning is meaningful and relevant to you. We don’t shy away from making mistakes. Correcting our mistakes is often the best way to learn. Our trainers will guide you every step of the way. They will draw from their experiences – good and bad – and help you develop your craft. At endota Wellness College a dedicated Student Liaison Manager is always available to help you navigate through your course.


We collaborate

At endota Wellness College we value our rich network of professional connections and encourage you to build your own. We encourage cross-faculty communication and love watching our students interact and help each other creatively. We believe in students working together. As an endota Wellness College student you will work through industry-standard briefs in our student-run spa, mastering your art in a practical way by performing treatments both on each other and ordinary members of the public. You work with your peers while being mentored by our
professional trainers. The connections you make at endota Wellness College will lay the foundations of your future professional network

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Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA)

endota Wellness College is a member of ITECA, the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia.

ITECA is the national industry association for independent providers of post-compulsory education and training, for Australian students.


As an ITECA member CMA adhere’s to ITECA’sCode of Ethics.  For education providers this means:

As quality providers of tertiary education, we fully support the new guidelines outlined in the Codes, which strengthen the transparency of student recruitment practices and set a process of continuous improvement on the delivery and learning outcomes of our training.

We recognise that adherence to the standards set out in the Codes is binding so that the community can trust that if they study with an ITECA member, they are studying with a high quality and accountable provider.We will be evaluating our operations and processes in accordance with the requirements of the Codes.

The Codes are a tangible way we can demonstrate our commitment to quality, integrity and student welfare as ITECA members.


Registration audit information

To access the most recent registration audit report for endota Wellness College click  HERE.