Kinesiology, Life Skills Tools

Facilitated by ‘Freedom to Feel Good’, this course is open to anyone interested in further understanding the mind-body connection and the link between physical healing, emotional wellness and how to harness thought processes to make profound changes in habits and limitations.
This workshop delivers Life Skills Tools that include visualisations, meditations, written processes, Kinesiology modalities and a true understanding how changing your emotions not only changes the physiology of your body, but ultimately all that you create and attract in your life.

Delivered by Zsuzsa Toth, Kinesiologist and Life Strategist, you will flick the switch in your life to easily create changes so you are empowered, peaceful, happy and healthy. You will learn to become the solution breath by breath.



Dates to be released soon


1-day course 10am–2.30pm






Who should apply?

This program is open for enrolments now. Our Kinesiology Life Skills Tools short course is open to anyone with no prerequisite requirement.



There is no pre-requisite requirement for this course. It is open to anyone interested in further understanding the mind-body connection for professional development or personal interest.

Please note that this course is not nationally recognised.


Workshop FAQs

Q1 – Will this course help me with anxiety and depression?

The Freedom to Feel Good Workshop is based on applied cognitive practices. This means that you will learn how to harness your thoughts and emotions to create balance and empowerment. Anxiety & depression can be triggered from an overactive mind and these life skill tools can show you how to shift your adversity.


Q2 – I’m not good at meditating or being still. It says this workshop teaches us meditation, how can I still participate if I’m challenged by meditation?

Zsuzsa is a professional Kinesiology practitioner and her work incorporates teaching people the foundations of meditation and mind/body medicine. She will slow down the process and guide you. Many people who were challenged with meditation in the past, have discovered this as a new skill set and haven’t looked back.


Q3 – I’ve already done many different workshops and haven’t found them that beneficial. How is this workshop different?

The Freedom to Feel Good Life Skills Tools are designed to be super simple to apply. The intention is not to complicate or overwhelm the participant. In this workshop, you not only learn the tools but how to apply them and their relevance to what is actually happening with your body’s biochemistry. To this day, hundreds of participants are still applying these life changing tools.


Q4 – Is there opportunity to further study more of these life skills tools?

Yes, of course. This is an introductory session and in time there will be opportunities to enrol and learn other life skills tools.


Q5 – Who is the Kinesiology Life Skills Tools workshop ultimately designed for?

The course is delivered by Zsuzsa, a professional Kinesiology practitioner who has helped thousands of people overcome their adversities. These could be fear, overwhelm, digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, negative self-talk or general self-esteem issues. The Freedom to feel Good Life Skills Tools highlight the best of Zsuzsa’s professional work. She has designed these tools to educate people not only about how they create their challenges, but how they can simply rise above them.


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