08 Dec

WE WANT TO KNOW: Are you made for Makeup?

We sat down with one of our educators and asked for the low-down on the life of a makeup artist.

Educator, Lesley Johnston, shared with us the top signs that scream you are ‘Made for Makeup‘ and we thought you’d love to know!

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Love to make others smile?

Are you addicted to the thrill of making someone else’s day awesome? Ask any makeup artist what the best part of the job is and they will say it’s that moment when a client sees themselves after you have done their makeup! Making people happy is a part of the job!

Love to take photos?

Are you the person who always wants to capture the moment in a photo? Whether it’s photos of a beautiful flower you have seen or a selfie from your night out, taking photos shows you have an appreciation of the beauty in everyday life! Makeup artists take inspiration from their life experiences and use mood boards to create new creative ideas.

Neat freak?

You get a great sense of satisfaction from seeing something clean, neat and in order. Being a makeup artist involves a lot of cleaning, mainly the cleaning of your makeup brushes and kit every time you use them!

Think outside the box

Do you love to come up with creative solutions to day to day problems? Makeup artists often have to think on their feet. Whether you are on a film set or helping a bride to get ready for her big day, you need to be able to think quickly and help wherever you can!

Life of the party 

Enjoying meeting new people? Could you strike up a conversation with anyone anywhere? Makeup artists meet a wide variety of different people every day and being able to make friends quickly will help you in your career to build your network!

Crave spontaneity

The idea of a 9-5 job does not sound appealing to you at all. Makeup artists have very unique work schedules that mean working any day of the week, at any time! From early morning starts to a late finish and no set work hours other than what you choose to do.

Travel Bug

Do you dream of traveling the world or just exploring your own area? Makeup artists have job opportunities all over the world. Like any skill, it’s a job you can take with you wherever you go!







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